With up to 10 000 readers each day, is the ideal platform to display your products, to advertise the next big commercial show, or to explain your success story. The very high profile of our average reader will give you the best return on your investment.

How to verify? Just have a look on the identity of people or organisations following us through Twitter:  @nanocomputer1

First we, at,  love all the nanotechnologies, so if you come to us we will pay attention to your needs, and we are very flexible. Then  from the price table we display, we can adapt to fit your request. Your ad will appear on every page of the site, at the top of  one of the sidebars, besides any article, even if it has been posted one year ago (Google research).

Marketing specialist? Be smart !   Choose!

If you need to add specific size zones, specific locations (ie: header), just ask any question you wish. Order.from 200 $ per month..


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