Electric Bike With 230 Miles (370 km) Range

When it comes to the average ebike, the range typically varies from 20 to 50 miles. For those who like to use their bikes on outdoor adventures outside of the city, this is not enough. In order to take people farther, the DelFast ebike has a maximum range of over 200 miles (322 km).


To be more exact, the DelFast eBike tops out at 236 miles (370 km) and is aimed at those who like to enjoy long-distance trips both in and out of urban areas. At the heart of such a long-ranged ebike is a big battery. DelFast’s bicycle uses a U.S.-made battery capable of 3,000 cycles along with energy recuperation. For those smaller trips where battery power is less precious, the bike features two USB chargers for charging a phone or tablet.

On an ebike, 236 miles sounds like an incredibly long trip, but DelFast has made sure its ebike won’t make it feel that way. At cruising speed, the bike travels between 25 and 28 miles  per hour (45 km/h). For those really in a hurry, they can push it a little further to a maximum of 35 miles per hour (56 km/h). In order to get the most time out of a single charge, DelFast recommends an average speed of 16 miles per hour (25 km/h). Cyclists can swap on the fly between pedal-assist and three different power modes.