12,000 nanotechnology experts in Iran

Dr. Saeed Sarkar from the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council announced that over 2,600 university lecturers have so far worked on nanotechnology in their articles and theses, and there are more than 12,000 nanotechnology experts at the MSc and PhD levels in Iran

Investigation by researchers with California University showed that Iran ranked 4th in a 2010 world’s ranking which indicates the portion of nanotech-related scientific articles (out of total scientific publications) published by the researchers of a country. The study also reported that about 12% of the international journal papers of Iranian researchers are connected to nanotechnology. On another investigation which assessed countries by the total number of nanotech scientific published articles, Iran managed to rank 14th.

A different concern: Western countries have to think that nanotechnology could be developed as well for war purposes. See the spybird drone developed by the US Defense agency DARPAhttp://www.nanocomputer.com/?p=242


:Source: http://en.nano.ir/index.php/news/show/2544