‘Smart’ microcapsules in a single step

A new, single-step of  fabricating microcapsules, which have potential commercial applications, in industries, including medicine, agriculture and diagnostics, have been developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge, England. The findings are published in the journal Science.
The ability to enclose materials in capsules between 10 and 100 micrometres in diameter, while accurately controlling both the capsule structure and the core contents, is a key concern in biology, chemistry, nanotechnology and materials science.


This method provides several advantages over current methods as all of the components for the microcapsules are added at once and assemble instantaneously at room temperature,” said lead author Jing Zhang, a PhD student in Professor Abell’s research group. “A variety of ‘cargos’ can be efficiently loaded simultaneously during the formation of the microcapsules. The dynamic supramolecular interactions allow control over the porosity of the capsules and the timed release of their contents using stimuli such as light, pH and temperature.”

Source: http://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/smart-microcapsules-in-a-single-step/